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Hire classic motoring props for themed events

Nurburgring pits display in 2017 A selection of 1957 GP racing cars in the pits

Nurgurgring at Goodwood Revival


The stage for Fangio’s possibly greatest drive, the Nurburgring display housed a selection of 1957 GP cars including Fangio’s Maserati.

That his two sons should turn up unannounced, was further Revival’magic’.

For further details, please read the full article on Classic Driver.

Building the iconic Reims race tower Hand painted sign writing Nigel Harniman Reims pits

Reims at Goodwood Revival


Key features of the Reims pits were the colourful advertisments and Iconic race tower...faithfully recreated by hand painting as in period. Check out Nigel Harniman Photography /Reims Pits ..'is this the greatest Revival image ever?'

Vintage oil can display Bugatti period race pits at Chateau Saint-Jean Bugatti and Armani event in Molsheim

Bugatti & Armani


Period race Pits designed and built for a Bugatti & Armani event , located in the grounds of Chateau Saint-Jean, Molsheim.

French bar installation in a private workshop French cafe seating area

French Bar


Designed, built and installed in the workshop of a private collector.

Plat de jour or just an espresso?

Royal Enfield bike display at The Revival Royal Enfield period workshop at The Revival Royal Enfield biker garage exhibition at The Revival

Royal Enfield


Period workshop at Revival and Exhibition stands.

Sebring Pits


TPG designed and built a homage, based on the Sebring Pits, to celebrate the first ever gathering together of all six Shelby Daytona Coupes. As if that wasn't fantastic enough, the original designer, Peter Brock was also present. See GRR Meets - Peter Brock, legendary Daytona Coupe designer.

Downton Abbey


Motor racing props supplied for Downton Abbey filming

Maserati at Goodwood Revival


Designed and built by TPG, to celebrate the Centenary of Maserati at Goodwood Revival. Variants of the iconic Maserati 250F Grand Prix car were housed in each Pit shelter. For further details see - How the magical Monza pits were created.

Jaguar commercial


Props supplied for Jaguar TV commercial

Goodwood Revival

September 2013

Goodwoods celebration of the legendary Ford GT40 included a single marque race for the Whitsun Trophy and a timeline display of noteabley historic cars.

As a backdrop to this iconic lineup , TPG were comissioned to research , design and build a recreation/homage of the Le Mans pits , scene of the epic Ford/Ferrari duel.

The timber construction , finished to simulate rendered concrete ,occupied an 8week build, with period details and advertising all recreated ‘in house’.

Interior Garage Design

March 2013

A practical and period design by TPG for the motor house of a private collector.

Comprising Stores , Office with curved glass , and retro tiled Service area , complete with pit and period fittings.

Original Bremgarten pits Bulding the pit area for Goodwood rivival 2012 Bremgarten circuit inspired sign writing German GP cars Goodwood rivival 2012

Bremgarten circuit pits at Goodwood Revival

September 2012

Goodwood Revival is always one of - if not 'the' - annual motoring highlights, with selected anniversaries celebrated each year.

2012 saw the 75th anniversary of the German GP cars visit to Great Britain in 1935, at Donnington. Goodwood marked this historic event with the largest gathering of the legendary 'Silver Arrows' seen since those prewar days, and entrusted The Period Garage with the responsibility of creating a suitable setting for the live display.

This took the form of a line of 12 racing pits, based on the iconic design of those used at the prewar Bremgarten circuit. Following research, the traditionally built timber and corrugated roof structure occupied an 8 week build period and included reproducing the special plaques with team and driver names, as well as the 35 metre jettied canvas banner.