The Period Garage

Hire classic motoring props for themed events

Vintage motoring setdressing services

Themed set-dressing for motoring events, promotions, anniversaries and private parties

Hampton Court traditional garage set 19

We can propose ideas as well as props and are experienced in working with event planners.     A large collection of authentic automobilia is available to create your chosen effect.

The Motor Racing Pit

Classic motor racing pit bar IMG_7335-copy

This accurate recreation comprises a 3 or 4 bay, roofed structure, that can be set-dressed with authentic items to a specific period or theme, and erected either inside or out.     It can equally provide a unique counter from which to serve food or drinks.

Bespoke ideas and designs

Bespoke designs for Bugatti traditional workshop card2-162

Bespoke designs for manufacturers, museums and private collectors which provide complimentary settings to enhance the presence and ambiance of display vehicles.     Specific items can be sourced or purchased for clients, and the level of research and project management tailored to individual requirements.

Vehicle sourcing and hire for promotional events, displays and private functions

hire vintage vehicles for events card3-226

Covering from 1900 to 1970, we cater for sports and racing cars to family saloons and commercials.     ‘Oddities’ include a 1939 Austin Lorry that was converted postwar by the Co-op into a mobile shop.     Side opening with a fixed counter, it is suitable for a variety of uses such as programme selling, retail shop, promotional display etc..

Specials for hire

Horse drawn gipsy caravans for hire card4-463

Horse drawn gipsy wagons, 1935 Austin Hearse, Showmans wagon, military vehicles, 1939 Austin mobile shop, oil drum bar, serving counter and motor racing pit.